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Yet another 2022 Senate candidate – Pat Nolin – endorses Kelly Tshibaka in race against Murkowski

Pat Nolin, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who finished fifth in the August 16 primary, today announced that he is endorsing Kelly Tshibaka and encouraging his supporters to vote for her over Sen. Lisa Murkowski in November’s general election. Tshibaka has already been endorsed by two other former candidates in the race, Republican Buzz Kelley and Democrat Edgar Blatchford, meaning that Tshibaka now has the support of the fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-place primary election finishers.

“Alaska doesn't need a 25-year career politician who helps Joe Biden but obstructed Trump,” Nolin said. “Murkowski isn't independent or for Alaska, but instead she's become increasingly liberal and votes along with her liberal D.C. friends. Kelly Tshibaka will fight for Alaska – for our jobs, our resources, and our 2nd Amendment rights.”

Tshibaka welcomed Nolin’s support.

“Our campaign continues to coalesce grassroots support and our growing unified front will retire Lisa Murkowski after 21 years in the Senate,” Tshibaka said. “We need a senator who will actually fight for Alaska, not bend to the will of the D.C. elites and support Joe Biden’s energy-annihilating, job-killing, gun-grabbing radical agenda at every turn. When I’m in the Senate, I will always stand up for Alaska and against the D.C. insiders.”

Under Alaska’s new election system, the top four vote getters advance to the general election where it is a ranked choice setting. Tshibaka advanced, along with Murkowski, Democrat Pat Chesbro, and Buzz Kelley, although Buzz Kelley has suspended his campaign and thrown his support to Tshibaka. The general election is November 8.



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