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Revive Our Economy

My mother was one of the first workers at Prudhoe Bay, one of our large oil fields here in Alaska. With that job, my parents fought their way out of poverty and into the working class. President Biden has consistently shut down our economy. Lisa Murkowski has enabled Biden’s agenda by casting the tie-breaking deciding vote to advance his anti-energy Interior Secretary nominee and confirming over 90% of his radical nominees. 


When government grows, freedom shrinks. I will protect Alaska jobs from government insiders who want to shut down our natural resource industries. I will push to build a workforce development pipeline for our state so Alaska youth can find work at home and stay here.  And I will focus on creating affordable housing across the state for workers to accommodate the growing workforce Alaska needs.


We know all too well about government regulations here in Alaska, and we know the negative impact they have on our freedoms. I support cutting regulations and red tape to help unleash our entrepreneurial potential, unburden our businesses, and revive our economy. I will fight to simplify the tax code and cut funding to the Internal Revenue Service. I will support business tax exemptions and payroll tax credits. 

Reclaim Our Rights


We treasure our freedoms here in Alaska and now more than ever, Alaskans need someone who will fight to protect our rights. I will fight for the rights of parents to make decisions about what happens to their kids in the classroom. I support a Parental Bill of Rights, including a right to develop their child’s Individual Learning Plan; right to direct their child's health decisions; and a right to be fully informed and to approve of any sex education, gender identification, or race theory material being presented or discussed with their child. I will advocate for child-centric education, where funding follows the students, empowering families to make best choices for their child's education. A child’s zip code should never determine their future. 


We also believe people are responsible for their own actions. When someone commits a crime with a gun, liberals want to punish everyone by taking rights away from law-abiding citizens. Lisa Murkowski has empowered these leftists by voting away 2nd Amendment rights and casting the deciding vote to approve Biden’s anti-law enforcement Department of Justice officials. I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I will oppose all efforts to undermine those rights. 


Alaskans deserve a government by the people and for the people. This includes our rights to own and access Alaskan land and to develop it in a way that protects our environment. The federal government currently has ownership of the vast majority of our state, turning us into a big national park for the enjoyment of the Lower 48. I will fight to get our land back, for rights to our resources, for our hunters, and to protect our subsistence lifestyle. 

Require Equal, Legal & Safe Immigration


Although Alaska is thousands of miles from the southern border with Mexico, illegal immigration costs Alaska over $100 million per year. It’s also important to note that we share a border with Canada that is nearly as long as the entire southern border of the U.S. I will stand firm on securing and protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. 


The Biden Administration has caused the terrible humanitarian, public safety, and public health crisis at our southern border. I will oppose efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens or provide illegal aliens with free health care or work permits. I will support withholding federal funding from jurisdictions which declare themselves “sanctuaries” from federal immigration law and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. I support equal, legal, and safe immigration.

Reform Healthcare


Our current healthcare system is hurting Alaskans, and the Biden administration is working to make it worse. After years of promising to repeal Obamacare, Lisa Murkowski was the deciding vote to keep Obamacare! Alaskans are tired of the system’s broken promises, and we need to reduce costs so Alaskans can have the maximum health care possible and coverage of all pre-existing conditions. I will work to reform healthcare so that it works better for our veterans, our vulnerable, small businesses, and those who need mental health services.

Restore Election Integrity & Voting Rights


Free, fair, and secure elections are the basic building blocks of our republic. Without properly ensuring the integrity of our elections, we will continue to see confusion, allegations, delays, and growing mistrust in our election outcomes, and therefore in our government itself. I support commonsense election integrity measures like Voter ID and signature matching, among others. I will oppose any efforts to weaken election security.

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