Revive Our Economy

When government grows, freedom shrinks. And when freedom grows, government shrinks. I support making the Trump tax cuts permanent and will work to extend business tax exemptions. I will push to build a workforce development pipeline for our state. From high school to trade schools and colleges, I will move to incentivize our younger generations to stay in Alaska and open the state to new industries.


We know all too well about government regulations here in Alaska, and we know the negative impact they have on our freedoms. I support cutting regulations and red tape to let entrepreneurs and employers do what they do best and thrive. On his very first day in office, President Biden took aim at our economy here in Alaska by shutting down ANWR. By refusing to support President Trump’s re-election, and casting the deciding vote to advance Biden’s anti-energy Interior Secretary nominee, Lisa Murkowski has enabled and promoted Biden’s radical left agenda. I will support all efforts to safely explore and develop oil and gas in ANWR.

Reclaim Our Rights


We treasure our freedoms here in Alaska and we value our 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendment rights, among our other Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. The Left is constantly attacking our 2nd Amendment rights, religious liberties and freedom of speech. Now more than ever, Alaskans need someone who will fight to protect our rights. 

We also believe people are responsible for their own actions. When someone commits a crime with a gun, liberals want to punish everyone by taking rights away from law-abiding citizens. Lisa Murkowski has empowered these leftists by casting the deciding vote to approve Biden’s anti-law enforcement Department of Justice officials. I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I will oppose all efforts to undermine those rights. 

Alaskans deserve a government by the people and for the people. This includes our rights to own and access Alaskan land. The federal government currently has ownership of the vast majority of our state, turning us into a big national park for the enjoyment of the Lower 48. I promise you this: no one will work harder to remove the federal government as an impediment to Alaska’s success.

Demand Equal, Legal, Safe Immigration


Although Alaska is thousands of miles from the southern border with Mexico, illegal immigration is an issue that affects us every day. Now that federal authorities are flying illegal immigrants to northern states, they will be just a car ride away from Alaska’s border. It’s also important to remember that we share a massive border with Canada. I will stand firm on securing and protecting our borders.


The Biden Administration has already rolled back many of President Trump’s immigration policies and has caused the terrible humanitarian, public safety, and public health crisis currently seen at our southern border. I will work to protect our communities, citizens, and legal immigrants, protect our jobs, and guard against discrimination against people from other nations wanting to immigrate lawfully. In contrast, Lisa Murkowski voted to allow illegal immigrants who had broken our laws to remain in the country. We will not settle for anything less than equal, legal, and safe immigration.

Reform Healthcare


Our current healthcare system is hurting Alaskans, and the Biden administration is working to make it worse. After years of promising to repeal Obamacare, Lisa Murkowski was the deciding vote to keep Obamacare! Alaskans are tired of the system’s broken promises, and I will work to reform healthcare so that we are maximizing choices and coverage for Alaskans. We need to reduce costs, so small businesses and Alaskans have the maximum health care possible and coverage of all pre-existing conditions.

Restore Election Security


Free, fair, and secure elections are the basic building blocks of our republic. Without properly ensuring the integrity of our elections, we will continue to see allegations, breaches, and growing distrust in our election outcomes, and therefore in government itself. I support common sense election integrity and a transparent system that will guarantee one citizen, one vote.