Principles and Policy Priorities I Will Champion as Alaska’s United States Senator:



  • I will focus on reviving our economy. Political freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. We the People, not the government, are the rightful stewards of the blessing that is our state’s and country’s bountiful natural resources.

  • I will focus on creating a jobs pipeline that incentivizes and promotes career and technical education for Alaska’s youth to place them in careers supported by Alaska's industries. This would include leveraging opportunities provided by Alaska’s outstanding trade and nursing schools. Watch my video here >>

  • I will capitalize on the strategic value Alaska holds geographically to drive new investments, to realize our unparallelled economic potential, and to develop new industries that will generate jobs and careers for us and for future generations of Alaskans. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support critical infrastructure investments such as development at the Don Young Port of Alaska, as opposed to what’s contained in the so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which is just the Green New Deal by another name. Developing our state’s critical infrastructure is vital for our food security, disaster readiness, commerce, and our national security. Watch my video here >>

  • I will work to attract new national security-related investments to Alaska – not only from the public sector but from the private sector as well. Alaska should be a national hub for industries like Arctic shipping routes, space infrastructure, signal intelligence facilities, and satellite construction. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate to recruit new businesses, such as Chick-fil-A, to open in Alaska. It is critical we continue to expand the service industries that will support our families and grow our workforce.

  • I will fight for broadband connectivity for every Alaskan. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate for increased Coast Guard presence in Alaska. This includes having ice breakers in state, and maintaining and repairing our own Coast Guard ships. 

  • I will advocate for U.S. Postal Service reform and protect “Last Mile Delivery”.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will promote and advocate for the full spectrum of our tourism industry. Alaska is one of the top visitor destinations in the world. Maintaining thriving year-round tourism is necessary for sustainable economic and resource development in Alaska's urban and rural communities. 

Kelly is releasing her "It's Time for a Change" agenda one issue area at a time. Check back again regularly for updates.