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Principles and Policy Priorities I Will Champion as Alaska’s United States Senator:



  • I will focus on reviving our economy. Political freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. We the People, not the government, are the rightful stewards of the blessing that is our state’s and country’s bountiful natural resources. Watch my video here >>

  • I will focus on creating a jobs pipeline that incentivizes and promotes career and technical education for Alaska’s youth to place them in careers supported by Alaska's industries. This would include leveraging opportunities provided by Alaska’s outstanding trade and nursing schools. Watch my video here >>

  • I will capitalize on the strategic value Alaska holds geographically to drive new investments, to realize our unparallelled economic potential, and to develop new industries that will generate jobs and careers for us and for future generations of Alaskans. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support critical infrastructure investments such as development at the Don Young Port of Alaska, as opposed to what’s contained in the so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which is just the Green New Deal by another name. Developing our state’s critical infrastructure is vital for our food security, disaster readiness, commerce, and our national security. Watch my video here >>

  • I will work to attract new national security-related investments to Alaska – not only from the public sector but from the private sector as well. Alaska should be a national hub for industries like Arctic shipping routes, space infrastructure, signal intelligence facilities, and satellite construction. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate to recruit new businesses, such as Chick-fil-A, to open in Alaska. It is critical we continue to expand the service industries that will support our families and grow our workforce.

  • I will fight for broadband connectivity for every Alaskan. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate for increased Coast Guard presence in Alaska. This includes having ice breakers in state, and maintaining and repairing our own Coast Guard ships. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate for U.S. Postal Service reform and protect “Last Mile Delivery”.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will promote and advocate for the full spectrum of our tourism industry. Alaska is one of the top visitor destinations in the world. Maintaining thriving year-round tourism is necessary for sustainable economic and resource development in Alaska's urban and rural communities. 


  • I will work to develop affordable energy solutions in rural Alaska. I will push to reopen domestic energy production, develop affordable renewable energy alternatives, and make us energy independent again. Watch my video here >>

  • I will work to increase American investment in our energy industry. We must showcase our environmentally-conscious Alaskan companies and demonstrate how investment in Alaska provides a greater return than investment in foreign countries. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight for a Predictable, Understandable, Reliable and Equitable (P.U.R.E.) federal permitting process for our businesses. Without certainty in permitting procedures, businesses cannot adequately plan for the future. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support expediting the permitting process for mineral production on public lands and protect the livelihoods of our Alaskan miners by stopping the federal government from handicapping our sovereignty and state’s right to responsibly develop our own resources. The United States is vulnerable through its dependency on China and other nations for rare earth minerals. These minerals are critical to advanced technology, renewable energy, and defense manufacturing. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support logging in Alaska, including accessing the Tongass. It's critical to our economy, getting our jobs back, and developing affordable housing. Watch my video here >>

  • I will push for the economic growth opportunities that will help conserve our environment. Poverty is the gravest threat to the environment, while steady economic growth makes environmental progress and conservation investments possible.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will support private sector development of sustainable energy projects in Alaska. Alaska is an innovative center for sustainable energy solutions. These opportunities present great economic, environmental, and cost savings benefits for Alaskans. Watch my video here >>


  • I will fight for the right to life for pre-born Americans, consistent with the Constitution, which only sanctions the taking of a life after due process of law. Right to Life. Watch my video here >>

  • Women take birth control pills for any number of reasons. I was on birth control for years. But, birth control pills shouldn't be confused with abortion pills. After the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling, some states may not allow abortions, which means any pill that would induce an abortion cannot be sold by mail there either. I also will always oppose federal funding for abortion. Watch my video here >>

  • I support re-directing taxpayer funds from national abortion providers to local women's healthcare providers close to home who do not provide abortions.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will oppose all federal policies that discriminate against marriage. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support a ban on biological males competing in girls’ or women’s sports at institutions that receive federal funding. Watch my video here >>


  • I will always fight to protect religious liberty, including opposing any discrimination against religious entities which operate schools, pregnancy centers, soup kitchens, shelters, addiction programs, or adoption agencies. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight for workers’ rights. I will protect what is good about unions and oppose what is wrong with some large unions. All workers, including union members, should be empowered in the workplace to have the freedom to accept raises and rewards, talk openly with their management, and have full transparency about what’s going on in their trust funds and health care plans. I will also fight to protect workers’ rights to free speech, association, economic liberty, and the choice to work independently. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight to protect limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and the rights of the people. Furthermore, I will work to block Biden and his 24+ executive actions aimed directly at Alaska. The Constitution is not an Etch-a-Sketch document, but an enduring system that must be preserved and protected for future generations. It can only be changed by amendment, not by the whim of activist judges and unelected bureaucrats. Watch my video here >>

  • I will work to develop laws governing Big Tech and social media giants to create policies that protect free speech in social media spaces.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight for the Alaska Marine Highway System, critical infrastructure that provides transportation for our coastal communities. In our Statehood Act, we entered the union on "equal footing" with the other states. We have the right to the same transportation infrastructure investments other states have received. Watch my video here >>


  • I will advocate for a review of all the federal regulations that make it harder to rent, buy, and sell a home, and I will push to reduce tax burdens on homeowners. If we are going to revive our economy we need to have enough affordable homes to house all our workers and our growing workforce. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight to simplify the tax code and cut unnecessary funding to the Internal Revenue Service. Watch my video here >>

  • I will faithfully implement conservative fiscal principles by voting to reduce taxes, regulations, and stimulus spending. I will insist that we reduce regulations and red tape to help unleash our entrepreneurial potential, unburden our businesses, and revive our economy. For every new regulation a federal agency creates, it must eliminate at least 2 or 3 existing regulations. Watch my video here >>

  • I will always fight to cut unnecessary government spending and push for Congress to pass budgets on time. The national debt has exploded by over $24 trillion during Lisa Murkowski’s tenure and her time on the Senate Appropriations Committee. When government grows, freedom shrinks. Instead of shrinking Alaskans’ freedom, I’m committed to protecting and restoring it. Future generations of Alaskans should not pay the price for the reckless spending Lisa Murkowski has enabled. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate for policies that promote fair trade and support business tax exemptions and policies that incentivize employment. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight to level the playing field by implementing the equivalent of tort reform for environmental litigation. Watch my video here >>


  • I will fight for the rights of parents to make decisions about what happens to their kids in the classroom because parents don't surrender their rights or responsibilities when they enroll their children in school. I support a Parental Bill of Rights, including the right to know and see all material being taught, as well as school budget and spending; the right to develop Individual Learning Plans to create a unique education experience for their child; the right to direct their child's health decisions based on their unique medical needs; the right to be immediately informed of violent activity or threats at school that affect their child, and to be informed prior to major disciplinary action being taken; the right to be fully informed of and to approve any sex education, gender identification, or race theory material being presented or discussed with their child; and the right to access their child's data and records, have the information provided in a timely manner, and be assured of the safeguarding of their child's privacy. We need multiple paths to receiving diplomas so that our children can be engaged and prepared for jobs and self-sufficiency in Alaska. Watch my video here >>

  • Education is a national priority and state responsibility which must involve parents with their children. I will advocate for child-centric education, such as block grants that allow funding to follow the child, not the system, empowering families to make best choices for their child's education. From tribal compacting, to public school options, to charter schools–a child’s zip code should never determine their future. Watch my video here >>

  • I will fight to reserve federal education funding only for essential education, such as those that will place Alaska youth in Alaskan jobs. School is not a place for ideological indoctrination programs, such as Critical Race Theory. Watch my video here >>

  • To meet each child's unique educational needs, I will support innovative approaches like competency-based education, where students can obtain school credit for mastering competencies through on-the-job-training, internships, apprenticeships, subsistence living experiences, or extracurricular activities. We need multiple paths to receiving diplomas so that our children can be engaged academically and prepared for jobs in Alaska.  Watch my video here >>

  • I will support a requirement that school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance, stand for the National Anthem, and honor the American flag. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support requirements that American history be taught accurately in school. Watch my video here >>

  • I will oppose any efforts to discriminate against school students who voluntarily engage in prayer. Watch my video here >>


  •  I will fight for and prioritize public safety across Alaska. I pledge to support law enforcement and always fund the police. Watch my video here >>

  • I will be a voice in the Senate advocating for all forgotten Alaskans, including missing and murdered indigenous women and children, and those who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Watch my video here >>

  • I will support critical infrastructure necessary for public safety, like the life-saving King Cove Road. I will only support nominees and judges who will support these projects, and I will not take campaign donations from groups who are profiting off the road or other critical Alaskan infrastructure not being built.

  • I will support increased penalties for violent crime, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. I will also support increased penalties on cyber predators and those convicted of child pornography. Watch my video here >>

  • I will advocate for more funds under Public Law 280 through tribal/state memorandum of agreement (MOAs) and partnerships, which have new potential through Tribal Recognition, recently passed by the Alaska Legislature. These funds can be used for efforts like rape kits, detention centers, rural police, and reinvigorating the rural guard.

  • I will combat human trafficking, recognizing that Alaska has the highest rate of missing people in the nation. We are never truly free until those in bondage live equally free. People are not property. Watch my video here >>


  • I will advocate for immigration policies that are Equal, Legal, and Safe. We must secure our border and protect our sovereignty. The current administration’s policies have effectively eliminated our southern border and engage in discrimination in immigration. If illegal immigrants break the law to cross the southern border, they will likely be allowed to stay under the Biden administration’s leftist policies, even if they commit crimes against innocent U.S. citizens. However, potential legal immigrants coming from Africa or Europe, for example, often must wait years.

  • I will oppose unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare, free healthcare, or other public benefits for illegal immigrants. We need to maximize the availability of social welfare programs for our citizens and those who entered the country legally.

  • I will support withholding federal funding from jurisdictions which declare themselves “sanctuaries” from federal immigration law and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. 

  • I will oppose any form of “comprehensive immigration reform” until our border is secured. 


  • I will protect the rights of Alaskan hunters. I will champion Alaskans’ way of life, including supporting Alaskans’ ability to attain the maximum sustainable yield in subsistence living and defending Alaska’s rights to harvest fish and game resources.

  • I will fight for the transfer of Public Lands from the federal government to Alaska. We are still owed millions of acres promised upon statehood. The federal government should not own a majority of land in Alaska.

  • I will fight for Alaska, not the federal government, to have the right to manage our natural resources, including fish and game within the state. Alaskans know best how to manage our own natural resources.

  • I will stand up for Alaska’s right to manage our own navigable waters, including the right to year-round access.

  • No one can protect Alaska's lands, fish, resources and people like Alaskans. Alaskans know best how to develop our resources responsibly; not the bureaucrats in the D.C. beltway 4,000 miles away who have no stake or inheritance in our state. The determination whether to open Pebble mine should be made through scientific analysis based on hard data, and Pebble has a long way to go before it proves out. What we know is that our future will not be through another Biden administration radical environmentalist blow to Alaska. For some, it may seem that letting the federal government determine what is best for Alaska is the simplest path, but ultimately that will only lead to harm for Alaska and the state sovereignty we fought so hard to achieve over 60 years ago.

  • I will fight for Alaska and other states to have the authority to develop energy resources on federal land within their borders in environmentally responsible ways. When states have more authority to develop energy resources, it will help keep energy costs low, grow the economy, and create jobs for workers.

  • I will hold federal bureaucracies accountable when they abuse their power, including by cutting their budgets and reducing their authority. For example, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland closed ANWR with the claim that the environmental studies were flawed and must be redone, but it does not appear my opponent, who cast the tie-breaking vote to advance Haaland's confirmation, insisted anyone be held accountable for this allegedly faulty work.

  • Alaska's fisheries are a perpetually renewable resource, but only sustainable when managed properly. As senator, I will work to address the issue of bycatch overage in a meaningful and fair way, for the sake of our fish, our ocean habitat, our fishermen, our families, our communities, and our future. This includes examining changes needed to statutes, regulations, and the observer program, like consistent electronic observation on all commercial vessels.


  • I will fight for medical rights and freedom from COVID-19 shot mandates for all workers, citizens, and students. I will fight against COVID-19 shot passports and national shot registries or databases.

  • I will fight for the honor, benefits, and retirement to be restored to military service members who were discharged for exercising their right to choose not to take Biden's mandated COVID-19 shot.

  • I will support legislation that requires consent before social media companies collect personal information and before they share or sell the information to third parties. 

  • I will fight to limit abusive government surveillance. Government intelligence agencies like the FBI and NSA have falsified evidence to the FISA court to illegally spy on Americans, in direct violation of the Constitution. The law must be repaired to restrict the Intelligence Community from spying on Americans, abusing their power to conduct witch hunts, and finding work-arounds to avoid the 4th Amendment.


  • I will fight for increased mental health resources in Alaska. We must care for our families and our communities, and that includes those with mental health needs among us.

  • I will work to address Alaska’s high suicide rate and bring down the number of suicides in our state. 

  • I will stand up for our active-duty military and our veterans, and fight to improve their quality of life and healthcare so we can save their lives, just like they protected ours.

  • I will fight to provide military veterans their benefits in record time. They were heroes at war, now they should be honored as heroes at home. benefits in record time.

  • I will support giving veterans a variety of health care options to choose from, such as government-provided VA healthcare, private sector options, or public-private partnerships.

  • I will work to fix healthcare laws to help keep critical healthcare providers in-state.

  • I will support giving tax credits to medical providers for fees they charged but were never paid.

  • I will support Alaskans getting inter-state purchasing power with their government healthcare plans because so many residents receive treatment out-of-state.

  • I will support requiring Congress to issue an annual report on plans for addressing looming bankruptcies in Social Security and Medicare to ensure that insolvency never happens. 


  • I will support state-based election systems rooted in transparency, accountability, and best practices that ensure that every eligible citizen is able to vote, vote once, and have it counted.

  • I will oppose all efforts to ban voter ID laws, to legalize vote harvesting, to provide for taxpayer funding of political campaigns, to allow non-citizens to vote, or other federal efforts to weaken election integrity. 


  • Like my Grandma Bea who served in the Norwegian Underground, I will unequivocally support the defense and independence of Israel. I recognize Jerusalem as the ancient and eternal capital of the Jewish state and support Israel’s security and right to defend itself against all forms of warfare being waged upon it legally, economically, culturally, and otherwise. I will stand against every anti-Semitic falsehood that Israel is an occupier, including the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS). I will oppose all efforts for the U.S. to enter into treaties or alliances with nations that seek to destroy Israel. 

  • I will oppose foreign aid for countries that routinely oppose our interest at the United Nations. I will oppose paying any dues to the United Nations or any international organization that undermines the national interests of the USA.

  • I will support making our International allies pay a fair share for their own defense.

  • I will support rebuilding troop readiness and the military’s mission to protect our nation by peace through strength, not nation building. 

  • I will support a ban on the purchase of American land by foreign governments. 


  • I will demystify government through active and honest communication with Alaskans without employing obscure Senate jargon that people in the real world don’t use. No D.C. double-talk or cryptic political speak!

  • I will provide timely responses to constituents on their issues or inquiries. I will meet with constituent groups in person, not primarily by proxy and in election years. 

  • I will dedicate official Senate office staff to raising knowledge and awareness about Alaska’s issues to the other 49 states and a national audience. We must leverage the resources and influence of the Senate office to educate and build support across the U.S. for Alaska and the issues affecting us.

  • I will stand up and fight for what is best for Alaska, not what’s best for Joe Biden and the Washington, D.C. elites.

  • I will work to fix the gross inequity in funds available for affordable housing in Alaska, especially our rural communities. With Alaska having a senior position on the Appropriations Committee, this should've been fixed a long time ago.

  • I will actually knock on Alaskans’ doors and visit them in their homes while in office. This would be in contrast to Lisa Murkowski, who hasn't knocked on many Alaskans' doors in the past 20 years, but has visited Vice President Kamala Harris’ home to have dinner with her. 

  • I will help lead the nation forward in data and IT innovation and security, aided by my unique experience and skill set as a former Chief Data Officer. Having established successful data analytics and IT innovation programs in two government agencies, and served as a privacy and civil liberties attorney overseeing the Intelligence Community, I can help make this happen. The government needs agility in data and technology to develop quick, actionable insights that drive better results for the people it serves. At the same time, implementing effective data and technology innovations requires significant privacy protections and oversight. 

  • I will do in D.C. what I say I’ll do. Unlike Lisa Murkowski, I won't campaign on one thing and do the exact opposite in D.C.! 

  • Unlike Lisa Murkowski, I won't accept dark and dirty money from D.C. insiders, big tech, radical environmental organizations, pro-abortion groups, leftist activists, extremist labor unions and companies involved in contributing to the opioid crisis. Alaska's senator shouldn't be bought by those opposed to Alaskan values. Dark Money.

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