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Tshibaka exposes Murkowski as D.C. insider & key Biden ally in Senate debate

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka exposed incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski as a D.C. insider and key Biden ally in a debate televised statewide Thursday night. Tshibaka repeatedly highlighted Murkowski’s voting record as completely out of step with Alaskans.

Tshibaka campaign advisor Mary Ann Pruitt issued the following statement:

“There were competing visions for Alaska on stage tonight, and Kelly Tshibaka clearly represented the views and values of Alaskans better than anyone else.

“Kelly proved that Lisa Murkowski has grown more and more liberal over her 21 years in the Senate and consistently sides with Washington, D.C. insiders over the people of Alaska. Murkowski has enabled Joe Biden’s assault on Alaska, voted for almost all his radical nominees, and worked together with the people who are trying to wipe out our energy industries and turn Alaska into a national park for the rest of the country. All the while, she says one thing in Alaska and does another in Washington, like when she claimed to support the 2nd Amendment, but then voted for Biden’s gun control bill. She is a key Biden ally, is pulling for Nancy Pelosi, and is beholden to Mitch McConnell for the millions of dollars in false, negative attack ads he’s bought on her behalf.

“Kelly Tshibaka will stand up to the D.C. insiders, defend Alaska from the disastrous Biden administration, reject presidential nominees who will harm our state, and always defend our constitutional rights. Kelly doesn’t rely on Lower 48 dark money like Murkowski does, and when she’s a senator, she won’t be bullied or bought by the special interests and powerbrokers in Washington.”



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