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Tshibaka statement on initial Election Day results

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka expressed confidence as results continued to come in on election night in her showdown with incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Alaska’s Senate election looked to be headed to ranked choice tabulations Tuesday night. Tshibaka issued the follow statement: “When we started this race almost two years ago, we knew it would be a long, tough fight and it looks like it’s not quite over yet. Everywhere I’ve gone over these last months, Alaskans told me that it’s time for a change in the Senate. For too long, Alaskans have felt that this Senate seat was controlled by the Washington, D.C. insiders and not the people of Alaska. They’re sick of their views being ignored by the D.C. establishment and tired of Alaska being singled out for punishment by the radical Biden administration. They want a senator who will fight for them when it really counts. During this campaign, we gave voice to those concerns and ran the best campaign we could on the issues that we know Alaskans care about.”



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