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Tshibaka posts historically strong fundraising for a Murkowski challenger, most from Alaska

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka raised $1.8 million in 2021 in just nine months as a candidate, with 55 percent of it coming from inside Alaska, including a 4th quarter in which 64 percent of funds raised were from within the state. The total raised is more than any candidate amassed against Murkowski in the entire 2016 election and more than any challenger had raised at this point for the 2010 election. Tshibaka enters 2022 with $630,000 cash on hand, which is more than Murkowski has faced at this point in any of her races, including her first election in 2004, which occurred after her own father appointed her to the seat he vacated when he was elected governor of Alaska. Tshibaka, who will file her 2021 Federal Election Commission report later today, issued the following statement: “Alaskans want a U.S. senator who will fight for Alaska, not someone who has a 20-year record of being a Washington, D.C. sellout. It's why my campaign is fueled by grassroots Alaskans, while Lisa Murkowski remains buddies with Biden, bullied by Senator Feinstein, and bought by the Left. We want someone with common sense and courage who will stand up and fight against the disastrous Biden administration, not serve as Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer, as Murkowski has done, while he works to destroy our state. When I'm in the Senate, Alaskans will have a fighter who stands up for our rights and values.”



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