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Tshibaka: Biden Shuts Down Alaska Energy, Begs for Oil from OPEC

In an incredible display of hypocrisy, the Biden administration has called on OPEC to increase oil production in response to rising gasoline prices, despite having waged all-out war on domestic oil production, specifically targeting Alaska.

Conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka issued the following statement:

“Joe Biden has created an oil crisis in America, and his solution is to give more money, jobs, and power to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. In pursuit of a radical environmental agenda, Biden has continuously assaulted Alaska’s oil and natural gas industry and the thousands of jobs it supports. As a result, he is now forced to beg the oil cartel to increase their production because gas prices are through the roof and inflation is threatening working Americans.

“America’s oil has to come from somewhere, and Biden would rather rely on foreign sources than on our own domestic production. And, as we have seen recently with gas shortages, dependence on foreign oil is a serious national security problem--especially when the oil comes in part from countries that are our foreign enemies.

“This embarrassing contradiction in policies undermines Biden’s supposed commitment to a cleaner environment, and underscores how ridiculously anti-American his radical environmental agenda is. Here in Alaska, we care about our own environment and produce energy better and safer than OPEC nations. Alaskans are also aware that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has a hand in this, since she cast the deciding vote to advance the confirmation of Biden’s radical Interior Secretary, who is leading the charge in shutting down Alaska’s industry. When I’m senator, I will promote and defend Alaska’s energy industries, America’s energy security, and the resource jobs our people depend on.”



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