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Tshibaka: America-hating Macy Gray “sang” National Anthem at NBA All-Star Game

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today blasted the National Basketball Association and its commissioner, Adam Silver, for inviting America-hating singer Macy Gray to “sing” the National Anthem at Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. At the same time, Tshibaka called out the NBA and one of its leading stars, LeBron James, for ignoring China’s ongoing human rights abuses because it benefits them financially.

Tshibaka’s statement is as follows:

“The National Basketball Association and its commissioner, Adam Silver, have just disgraced themselves again by inviting the America-hating Macy Gray to 'sing' the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. This is the same Macy Gray who proposed altering the American Flag last year because she believes it ‘no longer represents democracy and freedom.’ Someone should remind Macy Gray that the great country represented by that flag is what provided her the opportunity to become rich and famous enough to get people to listen to her brainless opinions and butchering of the National Anthem.

“Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice that LeBron James laughed his way through Gray’s bizarre and humiliating rendition of our National Anthem. Was it because he’s just happy to be able to keep padding his wallet with Communist Chinese cash? Adam Silver, LeBron James, and the rest of the NBA are happy to look the other way on China’s rampant human rights abuses because that huge and lucrative market means big money for them. This is what today’s NBA stands for: Neo-Marxists Bashing America.”



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