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Statement of Kelly Tshibaka on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

“Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a crime against the peace-loving world and will undoubtedly cause calamity and great loss of life and should be condemned without qualification. It also demonstrates what happens to world stability when the United States shows weakness. For too long, Joe Biden placated Putin’s desires to complete a new natural gas pipeline to Germany, which only served to highlight the iron grip Russia has on the energy resources the European Union desperately needs and enabled Putin to be as aggressive as he wanted. The situation also underscores how intricately our own national security is tied to our energy independence, which Biden purposely squandered by attacking Alaska’s resource industries since the day he took office. As Senator, Lisa Murkowski has enabled Biden every step of the way and put in power the people who are enacting his disastrous policies. It didn’t have to be this way.”



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