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New Tshibaka ad: Can’t trust career politician Murkowski

Click to watch Kelly Tshibaka’s latest TV ad

Alaskans can’t trust career politician Lisa Murkowski, according to a new television ad from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. Listing several examples of issues where Murkowski has misled voters, the ad paints a clear picture of a 21-year incumbent who tells Alaskans one thing but does another in Washington, D.C. The ad will be rotated into the existing ad buy, which began in mid-July, is six figures in size, and covers broadcast and cable television statewide.

The ad looks like a computer user doing an Internet search for the phrase, “Career Politician Lisa Murkowski,” and features the following script:

Narrator: Why don’t Alaskans trust career politician Lisa Murkowski?

Lisa said she’d lower our gas prices, but she cast the tie-breaking vote for the Biden cabinet secretary stopping Alaskan oil production and driving up gas prices.

Lisa said she’d stand up to any special interests, but her campaign is funded by dark money from Big Tech and D.C. insiders.

Lisa’s latest lie? Falsely claiming Kelly Tshibaka won’t protect women’s access to birth control pills.

Alaskans know: Lisa Murkowski cannot be trusted.



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