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Murkowski’s hypocritical embrace of Russian oil ban & Willow project

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s hypocritical embrace of a ban on Russian oil imports again draws attention to how she has enabled President Biden to weaken American self-sufficiency. In addition, her recent comments in defense of the Willow oil and natural gas project in Alaska are completely at odds with her enthusiastic vote to confirm the federal judge who killed it and the cabinet nominee who refused to appeal the decision.

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement:

“Lisa Murkowski is the queen of issuing public statements to try to cover up her own actions that have severely damaged Alaska. Her hypocritical embrace of a ban on Russian oil imports, which almost everyone is already calling for, would make a lot more sense coming from a senator who did not help Joe Biden squander America's energy independence. We absolutely need to target Russia's energy production, but punishing Vladimir Putin would be a lot easier if the United States were in a stronger position on energy than we currently are. But thanks to Biden and Murkowski, his Chief Enabling Officer, we are dependent on Russia and OPEC for oil when we should not be. Murkowski cast the tie-breaking vote to advance the nomination of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, who has served as Biden’s wrecking ball demolishing Alaska’s energy industry. Murkowski has a lot of nerve talking about our domestic oil situation, when she played a key role in crippling our energy industry here in Alaska and in the United States.

“When she talks about the Willow project, Murkowski conveniently forgets her own history with the judge who single-handedly killed it. Murkowski voted to confirm Judge Sharon Gleason, calling her ‘superb’ and complimenting her on being polite to people in her courtroom. The people of Alaska care about the destruction of projects that would produce energy, create jobs, and help our workers more than they do about a judge’s demeanor. As Interior Secretary, naturally Haaland declined to appeal Gleason’s ruling, cementing the damage from Murkowski’s confirmation vote.

“When I’m in the Senate, I will always protect Alaska and oppose nominees who are hostile to our interests. In contrast, Murkowski supports these nominees because she cares more about impressing her D.C. elite friends than she does about the real-world impact they have. If she had been doing her job, Alaska would be stronger, and the United States would be in a better position to impose greater punishment on Putin.”



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