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Kelly Tshibaka endorsed by Edgar Blatchford, former Seward mayor & Democratic Senate candidate

Edgar Blatchford, former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska and former Mayor of Seward, today announced that he will support Republican Kelly Tshibaka in the November general election. Blatchford finished sixth in the August 16 all-party primary, which allowed the top four candidates, regardless of party, to advance. Blatchford also served as Commissioner of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development under former Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski, who appointed his daughter, Lisa, to the Senate seat he vacated when he became governor.

As candidates, Blatchford and Tshibaka shared common goals of increasing affordable and habitable housing, improving public safety, establishing reliable broadband internet capacity throughout Alaska, encouraging entrepreneurship in rural communities, and providing tax incentives for investing in village corporations or hiring Alaskans.

Blatchford said Tshibaka was a much better candidate than incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

"I ran for U.S. Senate because Alaska Natives have been made many promises for decades, but Lisa Murkowski has not delivered," Blatchford said. "Kelly Tshibaka has a track record of delivering results in government, including making thousands of jobs available in rural Alaska. Actions speak louder than words, and Tshibaka has shown by her actions that she will improve the quality of life for Alaskans. Tshibaka will work across the aisle to solve issues at a local level, particularly for Alaska Natives."

Tshibaka embraced Blatchford's support.

"I am honored to have Edgar Blatchford's endorsement," Tshibaka said." As a prominent Alaska Native leader in our community, Edgar's counsel on issues has been especially valuable to me."



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