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Governor Kristi Noem endorses Kelly Tshibaka for Senate

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota today announced her endorsement of Kelly Tshibaka for the U.S. Senate in Alaska. During her first term as Governor and her tenure in the United States Congress, Governor Noem has demonstrated her conservative leadership on a national scale. Governor Noem has brought America First policies to South Dakota, which has the #1 economy in the nation, and she was named the #1 Governor in America by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Under her leadership, South Dakota continues to fight an endless battle against the overreach and encroachment of the Biden Administration, much like Alaska must fight for its own sovereignty.

Governor Noem issued the following statement:

“Kelly Tshibaka will be an America First senator who knows that what’s good for Alaska is also good for America. She will fight for the constitutional rights of all citizens and work to revive the Alaskan economy, which has been devastated by the horrendous policies of the Biden administration. I am proud to endorse Kelly and look forward to working with her on issues we have in common for years to come.”

Tshibaka issued the following statement:

“It is a high honor, and I am grateful to have the support of Kristi Noem, one of the nation’s most successful governors. She understands what it’s like when the federal government seizes control of huge chunks of your state’s land and when it interferes with people’s livelihoods. When I’m Alaska’s next senator, I will always stand up for the rights of our people, and I will never forget who hired me to represent them.”



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