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First Tshibaka web ad highlights family story, faults Murkowski for killing opportunities

Alaska conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today launched a digital ad highlighting the opportunities Alaska afforded her family and her drive to provide those same avenues to future generations. Tshibaka is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has enabled the radical Biden agenda assaulting Alaska’s oil and natural gas jobs for working families. The ad will run on social media sites, selected websites, and streaming services.

“Every Alaskan story is unique,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “Mine started in the ‘70s when my parents moved here. They were homeless for a while, but eventually they made it into the middle class. These days, though, they wouldn’t have that same opportunity.”

Tshibaka cites the attacks on Alaska from President Joe Biden’s administration, which has shut down oil and natural gas production on the North Slope, as hurting Alaska families and workers. She criticizes Murkowski’s enabling of Biden’s extreme agenda as being a major part of the problem, since Murkowski opposed President Donald Trump and voted to advance the confirmation of Biden’s radical Interior Secretary nominee.

Tshibaka says Alaska is not the same today as when her parents were lifting themselves out of difficult circumstances.

“That’s because with Lisa Murkowski’s support, the liberals in D.C. are attacking our resource industry,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “They’re shutting down our jobs. Every Alaskan should have the same opportunity that my parents had – to work an honest job, put a roof over their head, and maybe even send their little girl to college.”

“That’s why I’m running to be your next U.S. Senator,” Tshibaka concludes. “I’m running for Alaska.”



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