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Biden to seal off Tongass National Forest thanks to Murkowski

President Biden is about to reinstate the “roadless rule,” which prevents Alaska from accessing the Tongass National Forest to promote tourism and timber production, dealing another blow to Alaska workers in his ongoing war against the state’s economic interests. The Washington Post is reporting that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will unveil the proposed rule change on Tuesday, which will be a reversal of President Trump’s policy which allowed access to the forest. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has voted to confirm many Biden appointees, also supported Vilsack’s nomination. Alaska Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement: “You can add another entry into Lisa Murkowski’s record as Joe Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer. Not only did she pave the way for Joe Biden’s administration by opposing President Trump’s re-election, she helped put in place many of the officials who are waging war on our resource jobs. When she enabled a president whose strings are pulled by environmental extremists, what did she think was going to happen? “As senator, Murkowski’s campaign war chest has been filled by the very same extreme environmental groups that are targeting our hardworking Alaska families. And the radicals are getting their money’s worth out of her. We know better how to protect our own environment than leftist activists or Washington, D.C. bureaucrats do. Biden is turning our entire state into one big national park for the rest of the country and Murkowski is helping him do it. She has turned her back on Alaskans, which is something I will never do when I’m senator.”



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