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Alaska radio station rejects McConnell attack ad as “over the line in terms of decency”

At least one Alaska radio station has rejected an advertisement from Sen. Mitch McConnell because it was “over the line in terms of decency” in its attacks on Kelly Tshibaka, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska. As Must Read Alaska reported, the radio station sacrificed thousands of dollars by refusing the ad from the Senate Leadership Fund, which is controlled by McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate. Tshibaka publicly declared months ago that she would not support McConnell as leader if she is elected to the Senate, while McConnell is openly supporting incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

“The ad is full of lies and it’s good that people are recognizing that by refusing to air it,” said Mary Ann Pruitt, an advisor to the Tshibaka campaign. “Remember that McConnell said he wasn’t going to spend money on this race because he didn’t think it was competitive. But now there are two polls showing a dead heat and so he’s gone on the attack with this nonsense.”

The ad references an audit involving Tshibaka’s time in the world of inspectors general in the federal government. An internal investigation cleared Tshibaka of any wrongdoing and she was, in fact, shortly thereafter named the Acting Inspector General for the Federal Trade Commission.

“Kelly Tshibaka has been going after government insiders for most of her career, so it’s no wonder that the insiders fight back sometimes,” Pruitt said.



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