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Tshibaka launches first TV ad of Alaska’s 2022 election

JUNE 14, 2021

Alaska conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Kelly Tshibaka today released the first television ad of the 2022 election. The ad features Tshibaka speaking straight to the camera, describing her own Alaska story and outlining her core conservative principles. The ad, launched some 14 months before the primary election, will run on local broadcast outlets and on cable television.


In the ad, Tshibaka speaks of her parents, who moved to Alaska in the 1970s and were homeless for a time. She says her background is what shaped her beliefs.


“Growing up wasn’t always easy,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “My Mom and Dad were homeless, surviving in a canvas tent. But tough times made me who I am today. I’m a conservative. Pro-life. Pro-2nd Amendment. And America First. Always. We’re raising our five kids with those same Alaska values.”


Tshibaka is challenging Sen. Lisa Murkowski, an incumbent of nearly 20 years, who inherited her Senate seat when her father appointed her to the job when he was elected governor in 2002. Murkowski is a Washington, D.C. insider who has lost touch with Alaska and has enabled the Biden Administration to assault Alaska’s oil and natural gas jobs.


“The insiders don’t like me because I spent my career exposing taxpayer fraud and abuse,” Tshibaka says in the ad. “That’s okay. I’m not running for them. I’m running for you.”


The television ad follows a paid digital ad Tshibaka launched last week, running on social media sites, selected websites, and streaming services.



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