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 13 GOP Senators Blast Biden Energy Policies in Letter – Murkowski Absent  

May 29, 2021

Thirteen Republican U.S. senators have sent a letter to President Joe Biden blasting his energy policies as being bad for workers, harmful to the economy, and detrimental to national security. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s name was noticeably absent. 


The letter that Murkowski failed to sign asked Biden to reverse course to “do the right thing and take immediate actions to put America back on a path of energy independence and economic prosperity.” 


Alaska conservative Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today released the following statement: 

“Thirteen U.S. senators from states which are economically dependent on energy industries thought enough of Joe Biden’s disastrous policies that they wrote him a letter warning him that we’re on the wrong path and advocating for their states and our nation. But Lisa Murkowski couldn’t be bothered to sign her name. 


“This is further proof that she is enabling Biden to cripple Alaska’s economy, as Alaska is one of the states most dependent on energy industries. Murkowski actively opposed President Donald Trump, whose policies were good for us, and acted surprised when Biden’s band of environmental extremists blocked our ability to tap into our own natural resources. 


“It’s time we had a senator who stood up for our interests, was not content to simply celebrate keeping those resource rights we already have, and actually fought against an administration that is bent on destroying economic opportunities for Alaska workers.” 

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