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Tshibaka earns "A" rating from NRA while Murkowski is downgraded

Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s siding with Washington, D.C. Democrats on 2nd Amendment issues has caused her ratings on gun rights issues to fall dramatically, setting up a major contrast between her and Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. In 2016, Murkowski was awarded an “A” rating and endorsed by the National Rifle Association but has slipped down to a “B” rating in 2022. Tshibaka was given an “A” by the NRA for her strong position of defending the 2nd Amendment against any backsliding.

“Lawful and responsible gun ownership is part of our identity here in Alaska, and I will never stand for any erosion of those rights,” Tshibaka said. “Lisa Murkowski, once again, is palling around with her D.C. insider friends and voting against our constitutional rights, even while she pretends to be looking out for us. This is yet another reason why Alaskans agree that it’s time for a change in our representation in the Senate.”

In April, Murkowski voted to confirm President Joe Biden’s leftist Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson and then voted for the Democrats’ gun control package in June. She had signaled her intention to restrict the right to bear arms in a conversation with noted gun control activist David Hogg that was captured on video and posted on Twitter.

Murkowski chats with anti-gun activist David Hogg

Murkowski labeled the Biden-backed gun control package she supported “a good first step,” indicating that she will embrace further restriction of gun rights in subsequent legislation. Murkowski’s transition to anti-2nd Amendment positions is even more striking because she had run Facebook and Instagram ads claiming to be pro-gun just weeks before. In March and April, Murkowski ran an ad warning that “Democrats want to take away your right to bear arms.” Another ad screamed, in all capital letters, “BIDEN WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY.”

Murkowski’s dishonest 2nd Amendment ads

“Sadly, this encapsulates what Lisa Murkowski has become after 21 years in the Senate,” Tshibaka said. “She lies to us in Alaska by claiming she’s defending the 2nd Amendment against Joe Biden and the Democrats, but then votes with them to take guns away from law-abiding Alaskans. Red flag laws, for example, which are promoted in the bill, are easily abused to improperly deny lawful gun ownership to citizens, including men and women who have served this country in the military. When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I will always fight for our constitutional rights, and I will always stand up for the 2nd Amendment.”



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