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Tshibaka calls for 5 debates in U.S. Senate race

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today called on 21-year incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski to agree to five debates leading up to the November 8, 2022 general election. The debates could be hosted by media outlets or public interest groups in different regions of the state, or separated into debates about specific topics, like energy policy or standing up to the harmful Biden administration. The Tshibaka campaign also encouraged news organizations and civic groups to formulate plans for debates and invite the candidates. Tshibaka issued the following statement: “Alaskans deserve to know if their senator is going to stand up to the disastrous Biden administration, and they deserve to see the candidates standing shoulder to shoulder, explaining their records and positions. There are 74 days between now and Election Day, surely Senator Murkowski can find time on her schedule for these five debates for the voters of Alaska. After 21years in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski has become much more liberal and voters deserve the chance to evaluate that for themselves. Energy jobs, gas prices, and inflation are tops in voters’ minds, and they want to know why Murkowski has enabled the Biden administration every step along the way. This campaign is a job interview with the people of Alaska, and it’s the responsibility of all candidates to show up. I look forward to agreeing to a full schedule of debates very soon.”



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