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Murkowski expresses shock over anti-energy Interior Secretary she voted to confirm

Sen. Lisa Murkowski today issued a statement criticizing a report from Deb Haaland, who was confirmed as Secretary of Interior only because Murkowski cast the deciding vote in committee to advance her nomination to the floor of the Senate. Murkowski called a report hostile to federal oil and gas leasing “a series of preordained conclusions,” but failed to take any responsibility for giving Haaland the power to craft the report in the first place and attack Alaska’s energy workers.

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement:

“It takes a special kind of Washington, D.C. insider to cast the deciding vote to confirm a cabinet secretary and then express surprise at terrible policies made by that secretary which were entirely predictable. In fact, Murkowski herself predicted them, saying that she had ‘misgivings’ about Haaland’s extreme environmental positions, but then single-handedly pushed through her confirmation anyway.

“Murkowski is President Biden’s Chief Enabling Officer, and she has been eager to give him what he wants at the expense of hard-working Alaskans. We knew that Deb Haaland would lead Biden’s energy-annihilating agenda, but Murkowski cared more about her D.C.-insider pals than she did about the people back home.

“This report exposes again that Biden and Haaland are turning Alaska into a national park for the rest of the country, and our Alaskan workers are the ones who will pay the price for Murkowski’s complicity. She routinely expresses shock that environmental radicals act like environmental radicals, but the time to do something about it was before she cast the deciding vote for Haaland’s confirmation. She feigns outrage when she, in fact, was complicit in the assault on our state. This once again demonstrates Lisa Murkowski’s failure of leadership and it’s a failure for Alaska.”


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