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Lisa Murkowski lies because she can’t run on her 21-year record

After 21 years in the U.S. Senate, Lisa Murkowski has decided to run a re-election campaign based on lies and dishonesty instead of touting her own record. Murkowski and her allies are bombarding Alaskans with false, negative attacks on Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, desperately wanting to discuss anything but Murkowski’s enabling of President Joe Biden and his disastrous policies targeting Alaska.

In op-ed published on, Tshibaka took aim at the falsehoods and dismantled them:

Let’s address the biggest lie first – her outrageous claim that I support banning the sale of birth control pills through the mail.

I and members of my family are among the millions of American women who have taken birth control pills. I do not support restricting their sale through the mail or otherwise. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in an ad campaign will not change that fact.

The deceptive ads rely on video taken out of context from one of my many town halls – events Murkowski does not risk doing – when I was answering questions about abortion and other topics. Pills that induce abortions should not be confused with regular birth control pills that prevent pregnancies.

Sadly, Murkowski and her surrogates have made the conscious decision to exploit and manipulate women’s concerns for political advantage.

Tshibaka went on to take apart Murkowski’s bogus claims about supporting Alaska’s energy production, the 2nd Amendment, public safety, and secure borders.

And Tshibaka related her own positive agenda for standing up for Alaska, including fighting for energy production, affordable housing, individual constitutional rights, increased access to mental health and medical care, veterans’ benefits, parents’ rights in their children’s education, and strong immigration laws:

It is time Alaskans had a U.S. senator they can trust – a U.S. senator Alaskans want, rather than one Joe Biden wants. I have laid out my agenda and vision for our state, appropriately called “It’s Time for a Change.” You can find these policies and principles at

Read the whole thing here.



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