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CONFIRMED: Ranked Choice voting scheme designed specifically for Murkowski

Non-profit investigative journalists at Project Veritas have confirmed what Alaskans have long suspected – that the state’s new non-partisan primary and ranked choice general election system was created specifically for Lisa Murkowski. Videos released Wednesday from Project Veritas show what are described as campaign staffers speaking in hushed tones about the scheme, known as Ballot Measure 2, and revealing that its purpose was to benefit Murkowski, who could not have survived a Republican primary and has never received 50 percent of the vote in any Senate election. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement: “Lisa Murkowski has never gotten a majority of the vote in her Senate elections, yet she believes that our Senate seat belongs to her – probably because her own father appointed her to the position 21 years ago. These videos confirm her political team engineered a change in state election law to specifically benefit her and preserve her grip on dynastic power. But this Senate seat belongs to the people of Alaska, not just people named Murkowski, and we’re going to take it back no matter what deceptive political games she tries.”



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