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Democrat Joe Manchin endorses fellow Swamp dweller Lisa Murkowski – Is Bernie Sanders next? 

April 23, 2021

(ANCHORAGE) Alaska conservative Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today released the following statement regarding West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s endorsement of Sen. Lisa Murkowski. 


The statement is as follows: 


“The D.C. Swamp protects its own and Joe Manchin knows that Lisa Murkowski is more like him than the Alaskans she’s forgotten about. 


“Murkowski voted to remove President Trump from office even though he was already gone, just like Manchin. She voted to keep Obamacare, just like Manchin. And she voted to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, just like Manchin. They are birds of a feather flocking together. 


“But why stop with Manchin? Socialist Bernie Sanders works to kill Alaska’s oil, gas, and mining jobs and shares Murkowski’s pro-abortion views. Will Bernie endorse Murkowski next?” 



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